The who, what, and why behind ‘Life Untitled’.


Let’s start at the easy part….the WHAT. As the heading states, ‘Life Untitled’ is meant to be open-ended. For months, my repeated efforts and brainstorming to define the subject matter of this blog left my brain in a constant state of mush. Finally, I realized I didn’t want to be limited by a title or specification, rather to have the freedom to seize the endless possibilities of inspiration that life brings; to color outside the lines if you will. My overall desire is to create a collaboration & collection of media that showcases what inspires and fuels the soul.

WHY?——-> Why not?
For some time now I have felt convicted and inspired to showcase the beauty that is constantly displayed around me. Whether found in nature, music, or from a person and their story, the joy and hope they bring is something truly worth capturing.

Finally, the WHO. My story is honestly not one of great proportions. I am simple in nature,  but a big dreamer at heart. It’s not that I expect a lot out of life, just that I don’t intend on taking a back seat while on this timeless adventure. Driven in nature, I hope to get as much out of life as I can, all while finding beauty in things unexpected and taking life’s challenges head on. I don’t know what life may bring my way, but that’s the beauty in this thing called a ‘Life Untitled’. 

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